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If your frustrated with a shrinking DVD collection you're at the right place!

Your home movie collection can easily add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time. Inevitably they come up damaged, lost or “Borrowed” never to be seen again.

Protect your collection investment by keeping the originals safe! Watch copies with identical sound and picture quality. Should some horrible, unforeseen demise befall your movie don’t sweat it, just make another picture perfect copy! This is a “no brainer” to burn DVD’s.

Compatible with all versions of Windows!
  • Remove encryption protection.
  • Edit out or leave in front end previews and legalities.
  • Edit out or leave in backend out takes, alternate directors cuts etc.
  • Compress large movies to seamlessly fit on a standard DVD+R that will
    play on anything with no loss of audio or image quality.
  • Copy most scratched and worn movies that are no longer playable into brand new copies!

Back Up Children’s Movies!

How many times have you bought the same children’s movie again?
Once? Twice? Maybe more?
Children by nature are notorious for lost and damaged DVD’s and if you have kids you know this to be sad but true. Keep the originals safe and let the kids use the copy!
Save just one movie and SuperEZdvd has more than paid for itself.

Back Up Rentals?   burn encrypted DVD's
If you’ve ever paid for a rental that you have lost only to find it later on you can back that up too and add it to your collection.
Why not, you bought it!
You can easily remove the frontend previews and legalities as well as keep or remove the backend outtakes, optional endings and more.
It's up to you. Burn everything or just the movie to DVD+R that will play on your PC or in any DVD player.
Burn Netflix DVD, Blockbuster or Red Box DVD and more.

Everything you need is included!

Stop wasting your time sorting through countless forum entries searching for the information you’re looking for.
Don’t waste another dime on useless programs that just don’t work.

  • One Free Program that removes encryption.
  • One Free Program that compresses the move to fit on a standard DVD+R and also allows for editing.
  • Complete Super EZ installation instructions for both programs.
  • Super EZ instructions for editing and compression options.
  • Everything you need to turn a standard DVD+R into a pefect copy of your favorite movie with no loss of audio or image quality!
Order Super EZ DVD and in minutes
you'll backing up your movie collection!